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Introduce your little ones to the timeless excitement of the wooden Noughts & Crosses game.  Simple yet thrilling, this retro game is a must-have for any family game night. Crafted from high-quality wood, this game brings a touch of nostalgia to your modern home.  At the age of 3 and up, your children are ready to embark on their journey of discovery and learning.  This classic game is the perfect tool to teach them problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and sportsmanship.  As they take turns placing their noughts and crosses on the board, their minds are actively engaged, sharpening their cognitive abilities. With its easy-to-learn rules and straightforward gameplay, everyone can join in on the fun. From grandparents to toddlers, this game transcends generations and bridges the generation gap.  Gather the whole family and let the games begin! Crafted with premium wood, this game is not only durable but also eco-friendly.  Your purchase not only brings joy to your family but also contributes to preserving the environment for future generations.  So go ahead and add this wooden Noughts & Crosses game to your collection of classic board games.  Bring back the simplicity and joy of unplugged play in a world where screens dominate.  Watch as your children's faces light up with delight and achievement as they master this simple yet challenging game. With this retro Wooden Noughts & Crosses game, you are not only gifting them hours of fun but also important life skills.  Order now and enjoy quality bonding time with your loved ones, one move at a time.

More Details:

  • Description:  Traditional Games are hard to beat.  This game comes with 9 wooden cube X and O's, in a small wooden tray
  • Size of the game is 9 cm x 9 cm
  • Material:  Made of wood
  • Age:  3+
  • Reduces your kids screen time


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Retro Wooden Noughts & Crosses Game

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Retro Wooden Noughts & Crosses