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Orange & Yellow Roses In  A Metal Planter
Orange & Yellow Roses In  A Metal Planter
Orange & Yellow Roses In  A Metal Planter
Orange & Yellow Roses In  A Metal Planter
Orange & Yellow Roses In  A Metal Planter

Product Description

Introducing our stunning orange & yellow Roses in a metal planter, the perfect burst of colour for any space.  This elegant floral arrangement exudes the essence of spring and summer, with its refreshing shades of yellow and orange, beautifully accented by delicate sprigs of lavender.  The metal planter, adorned with stunning images of sunflowers and lavender, adds a unique touch to the design, resembling an aged postcard with its double-sided image.  The planter also features sturdy metal handles, making it easy to transport and display.  Crafted with the highest quality materials, this faux floral arrangement is guaranteed to last for a long time while maintaining its lifelike appearance.  The yellow and orange roses, along with lush green leaves and sprigs of lavender, create a harmonious and eye-catching composition that will instantly elevate any room in your home, office, or place of business.  But the possibilities don't end there, as this versatile arrangement can also make a perfect gift for any occasion.  Whether it's a birthday, housewarming, or a simple token of appreciation, our orange & yellow roses in a metal planter will surely put a smile on anyone's face.  Made with a combination of different sized roses and lavender, and secured with floral oasis, this arrangement stands at a height between 200mm and 220mm, with a length of 280mm and a width of 225mm.  Its compact yet striking size makes it perfect for any space, from a small desk to a grand dining table.  So bring a touch of beauty and joy into your space with our orange & yellow roses in a metal planter.  Crafted with expert attention to detail, this arrangement is a must-have for any floral lover. Shop now and let this vibrant arrangement brighten up your day and your space!

All materials used to make this arrangement are of a high faux quality, while looking as real as possible.  Various sizes of roses and lavender have been used to make the arrangement.  The flowers are held into position using floral oasis.   The planter is made of metal.

Size of the floral arrangement:
Height between 200mm - 220mm, Length 280mm, Width 225mm

NOTE:  The metal planter its self is worth £7.99


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Orange & Yellow Roses In A Metal Planter

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