Free Delivery on Orders Over £100

Delivery Questions & Answers

What is Alex's EORI Number?

Our EORI Number is XI075989837000

Can I order a delivery to go to my place of work or another address?  
Yes, that's not a problem, when placing your order simply entered you home address and also the delivery address for where you want the parcel to go to.

Can I cancel or change my order?
Only if the order has not been dispatched.

Delivery Time for UK orders
We aim to hold stocks of all lines as shown on our website.  We aim to dispatch order's everyday except for Sundays and Bank Holidays, this is were extra delivery time may be required.  We do our best dispatch all orders that we receive before 3.30pm each day, on the same day. Orders received after 3.30pm will be dispatched the next working day.  At present we have a standard delivery charge to the UK and N.Ireland, this may change according to the carrier, and may take up to four working days to deliver items in the UK and N.Ireland.  If an order is urgent, please contact us either by email or telephone, and we will do our best to arrange that the delivery will be sent out as quickly as possible, there will be extra delivery charges if this happens.

Delivery Charges
We try to use the best and most economical delivery service that we can find, were items are delivered in good time, and were we get good value delivery rates.  At present we use Royal Mail and Parcelforce.  Rates may vary due to weights, sizes and country of delivery.  If this occurs we will notify you within 24 hours, to advise you of a new rate of delivery.  At this stage you can then decide whether or not to go ahead with your order.  If you feel that we are listing the wrong postage cost please contact us and we will double check this for you.
Postal Details  Please make sure that you have entered the correct postal address for the place were the goods are being delivered to.  You must have the house/building number, the road/street name and full postcode.  If details are incorrect and the parcel is returned to us, you will have to pay any additional postage charges.
Please note we will always try to get the best value for money and reliable courier, so if we can reduce postage costs we will.

Parcel Sizes
UK size & weight guide: small parcel wide, L45cm, W35cm, D8cm, up to 2kg, small parcel deep, L35cn, W25cm, D16cm, up to 2kg.  Medium Parcels, L61cm, W46cm, D46cm, weight limit 20kg, large parcels not exceeding L1.5m, and 3m Length and girth combined.  Weight limit 30kg
International size & weight guide:  Parcels not exceeding Height + Width + Depth no greater than 90cm with no single side longer than 60cm, weight up to 2kg.
Please note these sizes can vary depending on the item, and the courier, the above sizes are only to give you guidance.

International Delivery Times
International Orders up to 2kg will be delivered by Royal Mail Parcel Service to any European or International destinations.  European deliveries normally take 4-7 working days.  Rest of the world 7-14 days these time scales may vary due to holidays, adverse weather conditions and customs delays.  Parcels above 2kg are based on the larger of the weight and volumetric weight calculations, with further volumetric limitations depending on the courier used and the country of destination.  For this reason larger orders can be emailed first for shipping correction/confirmation as it is impossible for us to calculate accurately all permutations.   For International Delivery we are using Royal Mail Global Priority Service.  If you require any item more urgent we can you Royal Mail Global Express, however additional charges will be required, or if you are in no hurry we can use Royal Mail Global Value, its will depend on what the item is and the value of the item.

International Delivery to PO Boxes
We cannot always deliver items to PO Boxes, so if you have any queries please contact us.

International Customs & Taxes
All of our orders are shipped from the UK.  Some countries charge an import duty and taxes, its depends where you live.  If this is the case these charges will be applied by the Customs once your parcel has reached its destination country, these rates will vary, as every country is different, these charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.  Please note that any items that you receive from the website, you are then considered to be the importer.  In some countries cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection by the Custom Authorities.  Alex's Barn cannot guarantee that the goods will arrive in the same condition as they were dispatched, should they be subject to inspection.  Unfortunately we have no control over these charges as Customs policies vary from Country to Country.  If you have any questions related to Custom charges, you are advised to contact your local Customs office.  Please ensure you enter the correct international delivery address and postcode.  As if your address is entered incorrectly or if the Customs duties or formal customs entry are required, this may cause a delay in the delivery time.
If International delivery service is outside the EU, it is advisable to keep your total basket value below the Custom Duty threshold or the destination country.  Please check thresholds and duties for the international delivery address before placing your order.

International Refunds & Returns Policy
If you return your purchase from outside the UK, this will be at your own risk, we will not accept any responsibility for items that are lost or damaged in transit.  It is your responsibility to pay any delivery charges, duties and tax incurred to return your purchase.

Postal Restrictions
Some Country's have restrictions on certain items, for more information check with your local Customs Office, however most if not all of our items are okay to post.  Sometimes ornaments and chinaware are not covered for breakages, depending on the courier and delivery destination, if this problem arises we will let you know as soon as possible.

General Delivery Details
Some couriers require telephone numbers when delivering the goods, if a wrong number is given then this may cause a delay in delivery time.  Orders for delivery to Brazil require CPF (Cadrastro de Pessoas Fisicas) number before it can be processed.

Postal Insurance:
This usually comes standard with the delivery charge, however depending on the order and the order value, this may be more expensive, if this happens we will contact you to advise you of this.

Postal Zones:
There are at least 12 postal zones, here is a guide of each of them:
Zone 1:  England, Wales & parts of Scotland excluding the highlands and Islands
Zone 2:  The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
Zone 3:  Northern Island, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly
Zone 4:  Channel Islands
Zone 5:  Republic of Ireland
Zone 6:  Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Zone 7:  France, Germany, & Denmark
Zone 8:  Italy, Spain, Portugal & Greece
Zone 9:  Rest of Europe
Zone 10:  USA & Canada
Zone 11:  Far East & Australasia
Zone 12:  Rest of the World
If you are unsure of what postal zone you are in, please contact us, as we are more than willing to help you

Postal Weights
We have allowed for items weighing up to and including 10kg.  If your order is very heavy please contact us and we will see what is the best postage rate for you.
Check out what postal zone you are:

Country Zone Country Zone Country Zone Country Zone
Afghanistan Z12 Eritea Z12 Macedonia Z9 Saint Vincent & Grenadines Z12
Albania Z9 Estonia Z9 Maderia Z8 Samoa Z1
America Z10 Ethopia Z12 Malawi Z12 San Marino Z9
American Samoa Z11 Falkland Islands Z12 Maldives Z12 Sao Tome & Principle Z12
Andorra Z9 Faroe Islands Z9 Mali Z12 Saradinia Z8
Angola Z12 Fiji Z11 Malta Z9 Saudi Arabia Z12
Anguilla Z12 French Guiana Z12 Marshall Islands Z11 Senegal Z12
Antiqua & Barbuda Z12 French Polynesia Z11 Martinique Z12 Serbia Z9
Argentina Z12 Gabon Z12 Mauritius Z12 Seychelles Z12
Armenia Z9 Gambia Z12 Mayalsia Z11 Sicily Z8
Armenia Z9 Gaze & Khan Yunis Z12 Mexico Z12 Sierra Leone Z12
Aruba Z12 Georgia Z9 Micronesia Z11 Slovakia (EU) Z9
Ascension Island  Z12 Germany Z7 Moldova Z9 Solomon Islands Z11
Australia Z11 Ghana Z12 Monaco Z7 South Africa Z12
Austria Z9 Gibraltar Z9 Mongolia Z11 South Korea Z11
Azerbaijan Z12 Greece Z8 Montenagro Z9 Spain Z8
Azores Z8 Greenland Z9 Montserrat Z12 Spanish Ter. of N.Africa Z12
Bahamas Z12 Grenada Z12 Morocco Z12 Spitzbergen Z9
Bahrain Z12 Guadeloup Z12 Mozambique Z12 Sri Lanka Z12
Balearic Islands Z8 Guam Z11 Myanmar (Burmo) Z11 Sudan Z12
Bangladesh Z12 Guatemala Z12 Namibia Z12 Suriname Z12
Belarus Z9 Guernsey Z4 Naura Z11 Swaziland Z12
Belgium Z6 Guinea Z12 Nauru Island Z11 Sweeden Z9
Belize Z12 Guinea-Bissau Z12 Nepal Z12 Switzerland Z9
Bermuda Z12 Guyana Z12 Netherlands Z6 Syria Z12
Bhutan Z12 Haiti Z12 Nertherlands Antilles Z12 Taiwan Z11
Bolivia Z12 Honduras Z12 New Caledonia Z11 Tahiti Z11
Bosnia Herzegovina Z9 Hong Kong Z11 New Zealand & Antarctic Territory Z11 Tajikistan Z12
Botswana Z12 Hungary Z9 New zealand Island Ter. Z11 Tanzania Z12
Brazil Z12 Iceland Z9 Nicarahua Z12 Thailand Z11
Brunei Darussalam Z11 India Z12 Niger Z12 Timor-Leste Z11
Bulgaria Z9 Indonesia Z11 Nigeria Z12 Togo Z12
Burundi Z12 Iran Z12 Niue Island Tonga Z11
Butkina Fasa Z12 Iraq Z12 Norfolk islands Z11 Trinidad & Tabago Z12
Cambodia Z11 Ireland Z5 Northern Mariana Islands Z11 Tristen Da Cunha
China Z11 Isreal Z12 Norway Z9 Tunisia Z12
Christmas Islands Indian Ocean Z11 Italy Z8 Oman Z12 Turkey Z9
Cocos Islands Z11 Ivory Coast Z12 Pakistan Z12 Turkmenistan Z12
Christmas Islands Pacific Ocean Z11 Jamaica Z12 Panama  Z12 Turks & Caicos Islands Z12
Cameroon Z12 Japan Z11 Papua New Guinea Z11 Tuvala Z11
Cayman Islands Z12 Jersey Z4 Papua New Guinea Z11 Uganda Z12
Central African Republic Z12 Jordan Z12 Paraquay Z12 Ukraine Z9
Chad Z12 Kazakhstan Z12 Peru Z12
Chile Z12 Phillippines Z11 United Arab Emirates Z12
Colombia Z12 Kenya Z12 Pitcairn Island Z11 Uruguay Z12
Comoros Z12 Kiribati Z11 Poland Z9 USA Z10
Costa Rica Z12 Kosovo Z9 Poland Z9 Uzbekistan Z12
Cuba Z12 Kuwait Z12 Puerto Rico Z12
Cuba (Guantonomo Bay) Z12 Kyrgyzstan Z12 Oatar Z12 Vanuato Z12
Cape Verde Z9 Laos Z11 Romania Z9 Vatican City State Z9
Czech Republic Z9 Latvia Z9 Republic of Singapore Z11 Venezuela Z12
Demark Z7 Lebanon Z12 Reunion Z12 Vietnam Z11
Djibouti Z12 Lesotho Z12 Romania Z9 Virgin Islands, British Z12
Dominica Z12 Liberia Z12 Russia Z9 Virgin Islands, US Z12
Dominican Republic Z12 Libya Z12 Wake Island Z11
Estonia Z9 Liechtenstein Z9 Rwanda Z12 Wallis & Futuna Z11
Ecuador Z12 Lithuania Z9 St Helena Z12 Yemen Z12
Egypt Z12 Luxembourg Z6 Saint Kitts & Nevis Z12 Zimbabwe Z12
El Salvador Z12 Madagascar Z12 Saint Lucia Z12 Zombia Z12
Equatorial Guinea Z12 Macao Z11 Saint Pierre & Miquelon Z12