We have a wide range of clocks available at Alex's Barn, from wall clocks, mantel clocks, free standing clocks, antique inspired clocks, and decorative clocks, alarm style clocks, and so on. Some of our ranges are from The Leonardo Range, and the Home Sweet Home Range
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Botanical Design Wall Clock
Floral Wall Design Clock
Butterfly Clock with floral background
Butterfly Rectangle Clock with floral background, Lilac or Pink, 19cm tall x 14cm across
Chocolate Cupcake Design Wall Clock
Chocolate Cupcake design wall clock, 34cm
French Vintage Black Wall Clock
French Design Wall Clock
Glass Rooster Design wall clock
Glass rooster wall clock, approx. height 30cm
Heart Eyes Emoji Clock
Emoji Wall Clock
Large French Distressde Style Mantel Alarm Clock
Large cream distressed alarm style clock
Queen Bee Mirrored Design Clock
Queen Bee Design Clock